Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foster Parent Myths Uncovered

Yes I am a foster parent. Many people want to know how to help but have built up stereotypes thanks to our lovely media and society today. I hope to uncover the common myths of foster parenting today. If you have any questions I can answer... let me know :)

#1. Foster parents take care of kids for the money. Ok, here is a fun one. While you do recieve a subsidy as a foster parent it is nowhere near minimum wage. The department offers vouchers for things the child needs but the amount that Idaho pays monthly is like $272 for a child under the age of 3. With that said it IS a job, you are employed, and it a professional team effort to take care of the kiddos who need you. I suppose you could take in 6 kids and make a great amount of money doing it but all that money would go to pay for your mental home care that you will have built up after about 2 months of that. There are many other benefits you qualify for like school scholarships, free lunch program, WIC, and many more. So yes if you love kids and want to help become a foster parent. I dare you hehehe.....

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